Back from the land of palm trees..

Well, I’m back from visiting Mom in Florida..Never seen so many senior citizens in one place in my life.. When it’s our turn, they better allow the Harley into Century Village..Now to read the news and catch up on current events, such as the Jonbenet thing and the Middle East..Gotta hear what Rush has to • Read More »

On a lighter note…

I go to Florida on Sunday to visit my mother whom I have not seen in a few years..She will be 77 this week and it should be a nice visit! I hope to take a lot of photos and put up a new gallery when I get back. Puss-face is feeling much better and • Read More »

Well, well, well..

Home grown muslim extremist terrorists in England arrested in a horrific plot to bomb 10 or more planes on route from the U. K. to the U. S. What a surprise (sic). Holy leader in Iran states that the Western powers will feel the fist of the peoples..Sounds like a threat to me..Sad state of • Read More »


Well i found a theme for wordpress I like..been customizing it all week..the only thing left to get right are the gallery link colors and them it will be done..whooppie! Then I can get back to desktop customizing, a hobby of mine. I love messing with wallpapers and themes for windowblinds and Miranda..